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🌟 Celebrating a Legacy of Excellence Since 1975 🌟

Since setting sail on our ambitious journey in 1975, we've charted a course through an extraordinary saga of success and pioneering innovation. Over these transformative decades, our unyielding commitment to excellence has been celebrated with numerous esteemed accolades. Delving into the archives of the IAGP, we've unearthed treasured programs, some dating back to 1989.

These artifacts are rare survivors, as many of our historical records were unfortunately lost to the tumultuous transitions and natural calamities that have swept through Miami. Each remaining piece is a cherished testament to our enduring legacy and resilience.

🏆Numerous Prestigious Awards: From industry-specific accolades to general excellence awards, our trophy cabinet is a testament to our unwavering quality and dedication. Each award is a chapter in our story, symbolizing our growth, resilience, and commitment to our mission.

🔍 Decades of Dedication: Our journey is not just about the awards. It's about the relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, ethics and the desire to make a lasting impact. We've evolved, adapted, and set benchmarks that are recognized and revered in our industry.

📈 Forward-Looking: As we cherish our past achievements, we remain focused on the future. Our legacy is not just about what we've done, but what we're going to do next.

🤝 Join Our Journey: We invite you to be a part of our family continuing story. Explore our history, discover our services, and see what makes us an award-winning entity for over three decades.

March 1989 - THE EQUITABLE

March 1991 - THE EQUITABLE

March 1995 - THE EQUITABLE


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