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Image by Andreas Gäbler

Your Business, Your Way

Consultor Financeiro Independente\

Seu negócio, do seu jeito

Suporte abrangente para seus objetivos

Inovador, Sustentável, Centrado no Cliente & Global 

Agency building is not suited for everyone. Allow us to help you establish your personal independent advisory firm, empowering you to become the advisor your aspire to be

           Global Collaboration

Harness the power of affiliate marketing to grow on your own terms

Build YOUR Brand

Leverage YOUR brands ecosystem to drive success and position your value proposition


Revenue Transformation through Revenue360 - a comprehensive solution that sparks exponential expansion.

    Enhanced Client Relationships

Create the Experience YOU want for YOUR clients

Marketing Central 

Boost engagement through tailored, relevant content the keeps YOU relevant

Succession and Continuity Planning

Pass the torch, on YOUR terms. Plan your succession and continuity planning to provide financial stability to your Family

Grow Your Vision

Prioritizing client needs, personalized service and feedback fosters loyalty, advocacy and organic growth, ensuring long-term success and standing out in the competitive market lansdcape

What Independent Advisors Say

Image by Ryan Moreno


" Working with IAG Partners has been an absolute game changer for me. The expertise and personalized approach not only helped me achieve my client's goals, but also provided peace of mind. With IAGPs guidance, I've gained a deeper understanding of financial planning."
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